CTF – Active Directory Lab – Free

The Head of Offensive Security, Julian David Delgado Piraquive, is sharing a CTF lab with the community, designed to practice hacking techniques in Active Directory. Active Directory is widely used for centralized management of network resources in Windows environments, and much more.

The objective of this CTF Lab is to provide participants with an opportunity to enhance their hacking skills and proficiency in handling Active Directory. The virtual machine provides a secure environment for practical experimentation and learning. It has been created as part of The Cybersecurity Master’s program at iFP, Innovación en Formación Profesional, where is taught by Julian.

Participants are encouraged to make the most of this CTF and explore various security auditing techniques to strengthen their understanding and skills in the field.

“You can assess the difficulty level of the machine, although it ultimately depends on the hacker.” – Julian.

Julian’s emphasis on sharing knowledge and utilizing freely available resources reflects a collaborative learning approach and the commitment to mutual enrichment in the field of cybersecurity.

“Knowledge is meant to be shared, and when we have free resources, it’s important to take advantage of them.” – Julian.